Portugal’s Forward-Thinking Cannabis Policy

Portugal’s Forward-Thinking Cannabis Policy

Cannabis is illegal in Portugal. Nevertheless, in 2001, it decriminalized cannabis and all sorts of drugs, rendering it the very first nation to achieve this. This is actually the good reason why, once we explore international drug policy and cannabis legislation, Portugal typically gets mention that is special.

Portugal overhauled its drug policy to create means for an operational system that is based on therapy as opposed to one that’s centered on punitive charges.

So what does it suggest become illegal but decriminalized?

Based on Portugal’s medication law just before 2001, the usage of cannabis and other medications is a offense and those caught in control among these forbidden substances are afflicted by a fine and up to 3 months imprisonment. The penalty risen up to no more than one in jail if the year drugs seized exceed three days’ well worth of supply for the individual.

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Nonetheless, the Portuguese federal federal government introduced its brand new policy in 2001 that decriminalized personal use and control of cannabis along with other drugs as long since they are in little amounts. This implies quantities maybe perhaps not surpassing 10 days’ well worth of medication supply for almost any normal person. Into the case of cannabis, the day-to-day requirement that is personal codified in Portuguese legislation is 2.5g.

Those people who are caught with lower amounts of cannabis or other drugs will not face penalties that are criminal. Alternatively, the substance will be seized additionally the case will likely to be forwarded into the Commission for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction, that will be the body that is local fee of implementing a medication diversion system or rehabilitation strategy. Appropriate procedures for a lot of such cases turn out to be suspended, with merely a percentage that is small financial charges. Furthermore, in the event that offender is given remedy purchase, she or he may decide to not ever get through it in which he or she won’t incur any penalty.

How about the sale of cannabis?

Under Portuguese law, you can find several types of medication trafficking, based on various substances, the number of the medication in question, plus the offender’s state of addiction. For cannabis, that is categorized as a listing we substance, trafficking could suggest a sentence that is custodial of to 12 years.

Nonetheless, in the event that offender is located to be hooked on cannabis himself and it is offering in order to supply his / her need that is own or she’s going to face a lowered penalty of no more than three years in prison.

Penalties can also be somewhat paid off in the event that offender is available become attempting to sell cannabis of smaller amounts and without aggravating circumstances. No more than 1 to 5 years prison time is provided to cases that are such.

Meanwhile, offenders who sell cannabis with aggravating circumstances, such as participation in an organization that is criminal will face custodial sentences of 10 to two decades.

Cultivation of cannabis flowers

In Portugal, cultivating cannabis is unlawful and also the chance of prosecution for people who develop cannabis plants – even just a few for individual usage – is high.

In reality, a proposition presented to parliament that aims to decriminalize the cultivation of cannabis in a small amount for individual usage by social clubs or by people happens to be refused.

Is medical cannabis appropriate?

Portugal presently doesn’t have particular legislation regarding medical cannabis. But, Sativex – which can be a spray containing a formulated extract of cannabis sativa that carries THC and CBD – can be had lawfully.

More over, in 2014, the nationwide Drug Authority issued Terra Verde a permit to create cannabis for medical purposes. According to the National Drug oil primer Authority’s statements, the crop permitted become grown within the national country will have THC levels of no more than 2%.

And just recently, the Portuguese federal government granted company that is canada-based Tilray, that is one of many world’s biggest manufacturers of top-quality medical cannabis, licenses to import cannabis seeds and cultivate medical cannabis in the country.

Portugal’s Forward-Thinking Cannabis Policy

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